Meditations During Lent
(As we begin our observance of Lent, we will be sharing a series of meditations each week through this season including Holy Week and Easter. Please take time to read these words from members and friends of West Linn Lutheran Church. )

Sacred Moments

Kerry Broadhurst

The hymn #835, “All Creatures Worship God Most High,” of this morning at first service brought to mind the sacred that I find in my life in those small unexpected and brief moments when I come into the presence of our God. These moments can occur when I am out working in my yard, or on the church grounds and I hear the wind blowing gently through the boughs of the trees, as it reminds me of God’s spirit moving throughout his creation. I experience God in the colors of the early morning light just before the last stars fade with the rising sun and the creation of a new day.

I find God late at night on a clear, cold winter’s night as I gaze into the eternity of the universe and the countless shining stars while I marvel at God’s magnificent creation. God is to be found in the depth of the forest when I stand next to a river or creek while casting a fly towards a rising trout. Nature is a sacred space where I can commune with my God and sing praises of thanks to him for giving me the gift of life and to share in the majesty of his creation and goodness.

In those difficult moments of sorrow in my life as a registered nurse when a patient is transitioning from this life, I have found the presence of God. I have witnessed the radiance of these patients as they begin to make their transition from this world and move towards God. This transition is a sacred time and space in the presence of God. I found God present with the parents of a preterm baby boy when they were being asked to make a difficult choice for their beloved child and themselves, as I felt sorrow in their heartbreak and cries as they shared the dreams’ they held for their baby boy and asked the unanswerable “why.” God was present as I shared in their sorrow and pain as we prayed together late that night in the neonatal ICU.

I have felt God’s presence at the sacred vows of marriage to my wife, and once again when we reaffirmed our vows on our 30th anniversary. I have felt God’s presence in the community of our congregation and in our celebration of the sacraments.
The sacred moments are there awaiting to bring us into God’s presence. Let this time of Lent be a time for us to open ourselves to God’s presence.
Thanks Be to God as I am blessed in these sacred moments.